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Что такое http2 и почему это хорошо

Книга о протоколе http2 - https://github.com/bagder/http2-explained

Зачем мне это сейчас читать? Чтобы не вводить себя и окружающих в заблуждение. Пример - в интернете уже прочно закрепилось мнение, что работа http2 возможна только через TLS (https/SSL кому как больше нравится). Однако это совсем не так. Товарищи админы, не стесняемся - проходим нано курс по повышению квалификации.

UPDATE What are the key performance improvements? via cdnsun

  • HTTP/2 protocol is multiplexed which means that multiple requests can use the same TCP connection and thus website assets can be requested in parallel. HTTP/1, in contrast, requires each request to use its own TCP connection and thus website assets are requested sequentially.
  • HTTP/2 protocol allows browser to use stream priority mechanism. Stream priority mechanism is a mechanism for browsers to load HTML content for a web page first, followed by CSS, then JavaScript, and finally images. This allows browsers to render web pages quickly.
  • HTTP/2 protocol automatically compress HTTP headers. This reduces the amount of data that needs to be transferred between a browser and a server.
  • HTTP/2 protocol allows servers to push responses proactively into viewer's browser cache instead of waiting for viewer to request it.
  • HTTP/2 protocol is binary, instead of textual. Binary transfer is more effective "on-the-wire" than textual.
  • Other HTTP/2 improvements can be found here.
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