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Linux Redirection Cheat Sheet

via http://www.adminsehow.com/2011/06/linux-redirection-cheat-sheet/

Normal Redirect:
command > filename        Redirect command output to a file
command >> filename       APPEND into a file
command < filename        Type a text file and pass the text to command
commandA  |  commandB     Pipe the output from commandA into commandB
commandA &  commandB      Run commandA and then run commandB
commandA && commandB      Run commandA, if it succeeds then run commandB
commandA || commandB      Run commandA, if it fails then run commandB
Numeric handles:
STDIN  = 0  Keyboard input
STDOUT = 1  Text output
STDERR = 2  Error text output
command 2> filename       Redirect any error message into a file
command 2>> filename      Append any error message into a file
command > file 2>&1       Redirect errors and output to one file
command > file 2<&1       Redirect output and errors to one file
command > fileA 2> fileB  Redirect output and errors to separate files
command 2>&1 >filename    This will fail!
Redirect to /dev/null (hide errors):
command 2> /dev/null            Redirect error messages to /dev/null
command >/dev/null 2>&1         Redirect error and output to /dev/null
command >filename 2> /dev/null  Redirect output to file but suppress error
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